State and federal government guidelines or insurance contract requirements require us to bill patients for all balances that are determined to be owed unless a determination of financial hardship is made.

In the interest of making such a financial hardship determination, please complete the Financial Review Form. The purpose of this form is to enable us to evaluate the level of assistance we are able to extend to you in relation to your balance. If you are receiving financial discounts from The Christ Hospital or any other institution, please specify what level of discounting they are offering you. With the introduction of expanded Medicaid income criteria under the Accountable Care Act (Obamacare), all requests for Hardship involving services provided in 2014 must include a denial from your state’s Medicaid program.

If a patient is deceased, we ask that the executor of the estate please contact us for resolution of any unpaid balance.

We will notify you as soon as a financial determination is made. Please contact our administrator,
Marilyn Orr (513-419-1101) with any questions or concerns.

Download Financial Hardship Policy